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A robust real-estate provider, Nesco Realty uses the latest building technology and delivery mechanisms to create workspaces, homes and assembly spaces.


Keeping abreast with new technology, the brand weaves world-class amenities and sustainability provisions into every project with their trademark attention to detail. Customised to urban lifestyles, the brand metamorphosises ingenious design into structures of practicality and utility.

  • Our Offerings
    Our Offerings
  • Nesco Realty ventured into developing IT Parks when the world turned towards India as a burgeoning IT destination. The full-service capabilities on offer made the brand’s real-estate projects stand out as ahead of their time.

    The workspaces were thoughtfully aided by multiple support services, leisure and dining options. Nesco IT Parks are the preferred office space providers for multinationals such as HSBC, KPMG, PWC, MSCI, BlackRock and several others, creating an ecosystem for employees numbering in the tens of thousands.

  • The approach to residential development is as unique as the value-seeking customers the brand represents. A product of the digital age, the value-seeking home-owner is found across price points. A mindful buyer, they seek luxury, comfort and style.

    The legacy of Nesco makes the realty division ideally suited to meet the residential needs of today. Thus, the brand seeks to revitalise the housing market in Indian metros, whether it be for moderately priced or luxury housing.

  • Considering social activities as integral to personal productivity, the real-estate brand is committed to crafting spaces ideally suited for community experiences. Nesco Realty’s specialisation in largescale venues brings a hard-to-find expertise to the forefront.

    This specialisation stretches across construction for stadiums, auditoriums, exhibition and convention centers. The Group has the largest exhibition space in the private sector in India which has been awarded as the most successful.


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Ample Parking Space for over 2,000 vehicles at any given time

Simplified Living with Creche and convenience stores

Versatile Food & Beverage options including open air cafes, food courts, banquets, restaurants and lounges

Lush open spaces with over 1,000 trees

Transportation services available

Prime Entertainment in proximity

Unwind at Futsal Turf and Golfing Greens

Meet the people who make it possible.


Sasidharan Nair

Senior VP, Projects and Engineering

Belief: Do unto others as you expect them to do unto you

Sasi Nair has had a 40 year career in project management. Astute at the micro and macro level of ops, Sasi makes his contribution felt at every level. His understanding of project strategy, feasibility and flexibility are invaluable to Nesco. He derives his inspiration from weekly Bible study and community service.


Dharmesh Joshi

General Manager - Special Projects

Belief: Action is better than Words. Quit talking and lets start Doing!

Dharmesh is a multifaceted professional with good understanding of various industries.
With techno-commercial experience and working with top management, enables him to add value in Corporate Strategy and Business Transformation Projects. He is very passionate about whatever he does. Currently handling Special Projects, he is involved in Nesco’s various Divisions. Dharmesh enjoys reading, music and spending his time with family.