A whole universe stands
waiting to be explored.
And yet it may remain
undiscovered, unless
you believe in taking the
first step!

For us, 'Believe' is
more than a philosophy.
It is a way of life.

It has led us to become
who we are and
who we can be.
As our founding
philosophy, it guides
us to enrich and make
a difference in people's
lives every day!

The notion of 'Believe' is what inspired our founder, the respected Shri. J. V. Patel, to establish Nesco. His simple belief in indigenous growth was steadfast, even in trying times. In all his time here, he focused his energies on developing industries that could lead to India’s advancement.

Throughout our corporate history, we have stayed true to this philosophy of ‘Believe and all things will be possible'. The result of this contagious optimism is the Nesco that you experience today. We see ourselves as a company that believes in its employees and shareholders. In our clients as well as our products. In the services we provide, and the joy that comes with it for everyone involved. We believe in enriching and uplifting people’s lives and that is what makes people believe in us!


Our Vision

We believe in making a positive impact on people’s lives by investing in progressive change.

We also believe in using every opportunity as a means to ‘earn’ respect as a true visionary and leader of positive growth.

Our Mission

As nation builders, we are focused on improving the quality of life through every product and service we offer.

Our goal is to become category leaders, attain profitable growth and bring pride to the nation.

Our Values

  • We’re ambitious and ingenious

    We’re here to make a mark. We’re not imitators and believe in leading by carving our own unique and ingenious way forward.

  • We listen

    We listen to our customers and our employees and anticipate what they need. We genuinely care and seek to make a positive impact on their lives.

  • We are out-of-the-box thinkers

    We like to stand out with our innovative and unexpected ideas. We’re open minded, adventurous, creative, playful. And yes, we’re not afraid to have fun.

  • We are life-long learners

    We believe that learning never ends. We don’t claim to know everything and know we never will. We are always looking at ways to stay updated with what’s around us, making sure we as a collective people are encouraged to learn and grow as a result.

  • We’re honest

    In a world of rosy pictures and blanket statements, you can count on us to be honest. We don't promise if we can't keep it.

  • We don’t give up

    We’re passionate and determined. We believe that problems are just challenges and challenges drive us. We don’t give up easily. We don’t give up at all.

  • We thrive on team work

    Our people make us who we are. We're positive and believe in building a positive team that feels nurtured, inspired and encouraged to be the best they can.

  • We give back and we love our planet

    A drop in the ocean is never just a drop. This is our motto when it comes to giving back and protecting our planet. We know that our higher purpose is to share and care. That’s why we pay great attention to the causes we support.