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Nesco Events dedicates itself to presenting unique and exciting cultural experiences that enhance and enrich life. With the creation and curation of a host of successful event properties, the offerings have extended to tailored venues and innovative production capabilities. With every new event, the desire is to create the unexpected and the unforgettable.

  • Our Offerings
    Our Offerings
  • A yearning to craft experiences that are unique, futuristic and culturally rich drives Nesco Events to create highly original exhibition and event properties. Using innovative ideas, the brand curates immersive experiences that lend a stage to soulful entertainers and their acts. Starting from their independently-organised events, they continue to explore concepts with both popular and niche appeal.
  • From seminars to weddings, music events to fashion shows, food festivals to stand-up comedy, the venue moulds the experience. The array of customisable spaces available feature both exciting indoor and outdoor options. These are perfect for any audience size or seating arrangement. The innovative spaces on offer can spectacularly transform to fulfil any agenda and suit any vibe.
  • The operational and logistical requirements of any event are unique. From dream to delivery, Nesco Events helps distil the organiser’s vision into a tangible experience. The superior planning, design and production expertise that are available cover the entirety of event creation. From start to finish, Nesco Events directs the translation of a thought to a comprehensive event management solution.

1.5k Trees

Providing a lush green setting

5k Cars

Expansive parking

50k Meals

Capacity with lavish variety

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Rangilo Re 10 Dec 2018

A festive celebration of Navratri and Gujarat, Rangilo Re promises 9 days of fabulous music, intricate dances and delectable Gujarati treats every year. It takes the traditional festival to heightened levels of luxury and grandeur while still maintaining the rich cultural flavour of Navratri. The much-loved Parthiv Gohil is backed by traditional acts from Surat, Kutch and Bhuj for authentic soulful renditions. In true festive spirit, the celebrations carry on late into the night.

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